a topical complex that actively rehabilitates problematic, congested skin.
30 ml

lipophilic delivery of botanicals and BHAs (beta hydroxy acid) to exfoliate, smooth, correct, decongest and freshen.

apply a thin layer to break-out; congested and pore prone areas, leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse off. may be used twice weekly. mild tingling may occur. avoid immediate eye and mouth area. use sunscreen and limit sun exposure post use.

botanical extract aqueous infusion of salix alba (white willow bark), astragalus membranaceous (astragalus), l-carnitine, himalayan salt, magnesium sulfate, purified minerale water, glycerol monostearate, isopropyl palmitate (coconut origin), salicylic acid, glycerin (vegetable origin), bulbine frutescens (bulbine), stearic acid (cacao origin), sorbitan monostearate, cetyl alcohol (coconut origin), phenylethanol, fermented raphanus sativus (radish) root, xanthan gum, allantoin (comfrey origin), glyceryl caprylate, sodium lactate, sodium gluconate, gelidium corneum (agar agar), inulin and good energy.

skin actives

salix alba (white willow bark): astringent qualities, exfoliation properties, promotes cellular turnover, anti-inflammatory qualities
bulbine frutescens (bulbine): indigenous south african succulent, anti-inflammatory, soothing qualities, collagen and elastin stimulant, hydration qualities

astragalus membranaceous (astragalus): ayurvedic herb, detoxification qualities, lymphatic stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

salicylic acid: exfoliation properties, promotes cellular turnover, skin penetrative qualities, collagen and elastin stimulant, anti-inflammatory qualities
allantoin (comfrey origin): soothing properties, anti-inflammatory qualities sodium lactate, sodium gluconate: skin supportive properties

l-carnitine: exfoliation properties

magnesium sulfate, himalayan salt: skin supportive properties

gelidium corneum (agar agar), inulin, xanthan gum: skin supportive properties

inulin: skin supportive properties

fermented raphanus sativus (radish) root, phenylethanol, glyceryl caprylate

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