Our Story

our founder.

as an internationally trained health practitioner in preventive and clinical medicine, our founder, rachel nye venter sought to develop an entirely clean, science-driven botanical skin health line. through years of research and development, BOTANē was born. with a deep knowledge and practice of the body’s physiology, our product line complements the body’s remarkable healing processes. our founder has made it her professional quest to utilise the scientific method and support global sustainable research on plants for optimal skin health. through an integrative health journey that includes clinical medicine training, international public health, integrative practices, clinical trials, product development, research, self-study and travel– our founder has curated the essentials to skin wellness.

our family.

BOTANē Skin Actives has a global network of skin guru retailers on four continents and growing! cape town. london. paris. dubai. kuwait city. san francisco. we enjoy supporting growing partnerships of talented and passionate skin entrepreneurs and their businesses. we partner with niche boutique to signature retailers that share our passion for clean beauty and skin wellness. get in touch to learn more about our wholesale partnerships at hello@botaneskin.com

our point of difference.

skin wellness is about reestablishing homeostasis –a balance. yin. yang. what we take away, we must restore. skin health is truly an exchange of extrinsic and intrinsic influences, effective products and a catalyst for skin transformation. we believe it shouldn’t require a phD in plant medicine to understand the basics and reap the benefits of having healthy skin. we’ve already done your science homework for you –freshly extracted botanicals, plant oils, marine extracts, amino acids, vitamins, peptides, antioxidants just to name a few. oh and sleep, exercise, herbal teas, heaps of veggies and fresh juices wouldn’t hurt either! don’t worry, we’ll coach you through it. learn more about skin wellness transformative practices here.

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