Due to the concentrated natural active ingredients in our products, we recommend short term storage at 50-78°F / 10 – 25°C; longer term storage at a climate controlled environment at 40 degrees °F / 4°C or below; out of direct sun exposure and humidity. Refrigeration is ideal. Containers should be tightly closed when not in use to avoid moisture and oxidation damage.

we strive at being a clean label skin care range. plant based ingredients are essential to us in every aspect of product development. natural botanical fragrances are used in few products. we opt for natural preservation; this is important to us. we use a botanical preservation system to preserve and maintain quality, lasting freshness, and purity of each product. natural extracts shine through and each experience it in their own way, some say they resemble hints of honey others sweet earthy notes. each batch produced go through a process of quality control / testing to ensure quality is up to standard. due to the dynamic changes of mother nature, each product is uniquely based on natural environmental conditions that may vary colour, aroma, etc due to the high concentrations of botanical actives, however without decreasing the products ability to perform effectively.

we’re blessed with the natural essence of our products.

the health, wellness and longevity of our precious earth is dear to our hearts.

our packaging is a high-quality scientific grade plastic which is designed to be used numerous times (certainly not single use). it is fully recyclable and bpa free. this material is used in high tech laboratories for applications using extreme heat / cold / acids / bases which is appropriate since we want the botanical active extracts to stay in the bottle and the packaging to protect the product contents. since it is scientific grade, special care should be taken as it is a harder, more rigid material, as opposed to regular cheap plastic. refrain from excessively squeezing the bottles (opt for the dispensing lotion pump instead – purchasable here) or we suggest flipping the bottles upside down (even storing this way with flip cap) and give it a good shake and voila! 

our whole product range is designed to be used on all skin types, all ethnicities and all genders. our products work for everyone. 

BOTANē is a proudly cruelty free brand, our creatures are near and dear to our heats.

BOTANē Skin products are free from all harmful ingredients. we have consciously chosen environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced natural, botanical ingredients that are human; animal and reef safe. we pride ourselves in caring for you and the environment.

part of our deep ethos is to support small businesses / micro farmers in south africa who grow / harvest in a protected, sustainable manner, although our ingredients are not only limited to south africa – although this is where our focus and support lies. we are extremely conscious, intentional and mindful of the ingredients we source from trusted suppliers and our ingredients are sustainably grown and harvested. you may familiarise yourself with the full list of ingredients per product, on our website.

all ingredients are listed on our website and secondary packaging. customers are advised to familiarise themselves with the listed ingredients and should avoid use if individual has an allergy to any ingredients. we advise a patch test to be conducted prior to use to any of our products.

it is normal to experience a tingling / itchy sensation upon application of our resurfacing treatments. this occurs due to blood vessel dilation which brings important blood flow to the skin, while purging out the ‘bad stuff’, facilitating lymph drainage. some may experience a few breakouts following this skin purification process, allow the skin to purge these toxins out to reveal clearer healthier skin.

BOTANē Skin products contain plant-based ingredients and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. in the rare occasion, individuals could have an adverse reaction to an ingredient. immunologic responses are complex; BOTANē will not be liable for any adverse product reactions and / or personal injuries incurred due to the application / use or neglect in use of our products.


you may purchase your BOTANē Skin products via our online store or email hello@botaneskin.com to find out if we have a stockist near you.

we launch regular sales / promotions throughout the year. join our mailing list to be the first in line to receive coupons. follow us on social media Instagram and facebook for launch dates of sales.

coupons / vouchers may not be combined, used with other coupons / previous orders, sales, or discounts. coupons have one use only per customer.

gift cards can be purchased via our online store here. gift vouchers will be sent electronically within 24 hours upon purchase, to the email provided.

gift card may be redeemed by inserting a unique one-time coupon code upon checkout. you are required to redeem the gift card to its full value, no partial redemptions are permitted. gift cards may not be redeemed for cash / store credit.

no returns or exchanges will be granted without prior authorisation. if a product is defective, BOTANē must be notified via email within 48 hours upon receipt of shipment. no product in your possession over three (3) business days will be accepted for return. any return of products without an authorisation number will not be processed for credit or exchange. item is to be returned in its original state, unopened, unused. no refunds will be given for opened, used items.


we accept payments via paypal (account required) or more conveniently you may checkout with your credit or debit card. we do not gather or store any credit card information. we have security measures in place for secure payment processing.

paypal is a simple way to make online payments. no monthly fees required. it’s safe, protected and has 24/7 customer service. it’s simple and easy to use on any device.

upon checkout via our store you will be asked to process payment by logging into your paypal account.

there are no additional fees incurred to you for using paypal.

yes. you can pay with credit / debit / visa / mastercard or discover. we are continuously looking to add new convenient payment options for you.

shipping / delivery

orders are dispatched 48 – 72 hours once order payment has been received.

once order has been confirmed you have 24 hours to change the delivery address. once the item has been dispatched from BOTANē HQ you may personally contact your local fedex branch to update delivery address.

due to heightened global logistics as a result of covid-19 the expected delivery window is 2 – 7 business days.

you will receive an email with your waybill number for you to track.

BOTANē incentivizes free shipping on retail orders of $149+

there may be additional import fees upon receipt of goods into your country. the customs / duties fee is the customers fiscal responsibility. BOTANē is not liable for these import fees. every country has varied regulations on importation duties. BOTANē encourages you to research regulatory guidelines / fees on imported items for your designated country.

stock us

qualified skin health professionals / salon / spa owners may request to become stockists. Kindly refer to our ‘stock us’ page or email hello@botaneskin.com for further details about our our professional line.

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