Are we getting enough? According to Jin Shin Jyutsu, the key is to breathe out the dust, the dirt and the greasy grime and breathe in the new moment; filled with free flowing energy.

Cell Power

Every single cell in our body is like a little battery. The body has three core needs: energy, oxygen and lymph. With optimum hydration, nutrition, oxygen, lymph cleansing, emotional and mental balance we have the ability to charge and maintain cellular “optimal power” according to Keith McFarlane.

Let nature be thy medicine

Green therapy or Ecotherapy have become quite the buzz words. Nature walks have long been associated with being mindful and meditative; but now recently scientists are investigating these benefits. Research indicates being in nature increases sense of well-being and mental health, improving vitality and energy.

ELLE Magazine featuring BOTANē

BOTANE SKIN ACTIVES Looking for a skincare product that isn’t tested on animals or contains unhealthy chemicals? ELLE met with Rachel Nye, self-confessed bunny-lover and founder of BOTANē Skin Actives to discover more about this local botanical skin care line that promises healthy, gorgeous-looking skin… What’s the story behind BOTANē? I have always been enthralled …

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